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Stansted Airport Parking Information

For Stansted Airport parking, book quickly and easily online. We can offer you a wide range of different car parks and parking services if you are flying from Stansted Airport. Parking shouldn't be stressful. But we understand that for most people, it often is. With London Stansted seeing the departure and arrival of almost 20 million passengers a year, being able to offer effective parking solutions for travellers is absolutely essential. There are various Stansted parking services available, so you will always be able to find a suitable car park every time you travel.

On-Airport, Off-Airport or Valet Parking

Stansted parking can either be on-airport or off-airport, and if you are looking to save money then book online with us today. We ensure that we can provide you with the best prices available, and you can also guarantee your space by pre-booking. Use our simple website to search for Stansted Airport parking and get price quotes.

While some travellers like to opt for the cheapest car parks available, others may require a more dedicated service that requires no transfer whatsoever. Wherever you are flying from, whether it is Heathrow or Stansted Aiport, parking can be very stressful. A valet service means that you will be met directly at the terminal and your car will be taken to a compound while you proceed directly to check in. Whether you want discount parking or just the most convenient option available, we can help you find the right service.

Standsted Parking – Secure and Safe

Car parks for Stansted are all secure and safe, and the Stansted valet compound offers 24 hour security. So if you are looking for safe, cost-effective and convenient parking solutions for your next holiday, look not further.

Other Stansted Airport Parking Choices

Pink Elephant

  • Located within the airport boundary
  • Transfers - operate 24 hours, every 7-10 minutes and take approximately 10 minutes

EParking - Mid Stay

  • Located within the airport boundary, E-Parking is closer to the terminal than Pink Elephant and offers more frequent and rapid transfers
  • Transfers - operate 24 hours, every 5-10 minutes to and from the terminal taking 4-5 minutes
  • Park your own car and keep the keys

Stansted Valet Parking

  • No transfer necessary.
  • You drive direct to the terminal. You will be met and your car taken to a secured compound whilst you proceed direct to check in. On return your car is brought back to you at the terminal.
  • The storage compound has Security Doors and 24 hour on site security.

Stansted BCP Off-Airport

  • Off-airport
  • Easy and convenient
  • 24 hour courtesy transport
  • Just 10 minutes from the Terminal Building by courtesy transport
  • Note: there is a minimum 4-day charge.

Stansted Gateway Parking

  • New off airport parking for Stansted offering new lower prices
  • Transfers operate 24 hours a day, every 30 minutes.
  • Check in your car and keys for transfer to the airport.
  • No arrivals or departures on 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st December and 1st January. Vans and Commercial Vehicles are NOT accepted.

Stansted Airport Information

  • Airport code: STN
  • 56km from London
  • Stansted Airport provides a wide range of facilities including those for business, children and the disabled. In addition, a full range of 1st class airport services are offered.
  • Public transportation to and from the airport is reliable and frequent with a choice of trains, coaches, Stansted express, taxis and car hire.
  • Those wishing to drive to the airport will find it easily accessible from the M11 and well sign posted from the access roads. The airport offers a range of valet, short and long stay parking.
  • London Stansted Airport handles roughly 19 million passengers a year and demand is always growing.
  • The UK's fourth busiest airport, Stansted is the fastest growing in Europe. It has 1 terminal and 1 main runway. Stansted serves 20 different airlines to approximately 114 locations worldwide.

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